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24.6: Tracking Session Set Up Simplification, Staff Onboarding Simplification, Clinical Standardization
24.6: Tracking Session Set Up Simplification, Staff Onboarding Simplification, Clinical Standardization
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Release Recap

CR LiftEd’s 24.6 release contains improvements to setting up tracking sessions including a “quick start” option, a simplified path to onboard and view staff, and standardization throughout CR LiftEd.

Setting Up a Tracking Sessions

Users can easily create, schedule, and edit Tracking Sessions, as well as manage goals and activities, in the new create session modal. The Create button on the top right of the screen has been renamed to “Create Session” and automatically redirects users to this improved Tracking Session creation modal:

  • Create tracking sessions with one click, if one student and one data collector are selected.

  • Tailor which students’ goals and activities are in the tracking session by selecting “Modify Goals & Activities.”

Manage Staff

The Manage Staff page has an improved look and additional functionality:

  • To easily distinguish enabled and disabled staff, enabled staff now appear in blue with the “Enabled” toggle on.

  • Users can send welcome emails to new staff when provisioning them by selecting the “Send welcome email to staff member“ checkbox, which is selected by default.

  • It is now possible to send welcome or reset password emails to previously created staff members. The type of email they receive depends on log in status and enabled/disabled status.

Target Updates

To enhance clinical functionality, the following updates have been made to target mastery and phase lines:

  • Users can unmaster a target from a student’s activity graph by deleting the mastery phase line and selecting a new current phase for the target.

  • Targets now have an “Archived” option for phase lines. Targets that are Archived will not be included in activity tracking sessions.

  • The design and functionality of target phase change modals has been standardized across CR LiftEd. Depending on the modal’s location, users will see the following fields: Phase (Required), Date (Required), Custom Phase (Required if present), Notes (Optional).

Standardizations & Fixes

  • The default for all graphs has been set to 30 days.

  • The default value for prompts is now “N/A” in tracking sessions.

  • Activities now appear alphabetically by activity name in the “Activities” tab and activity graphs in a student's profile.

  • Dates will now be consistently presented in mm/dd/yyyy throughout CR LiftEd.

  • An issue where an error message from a user’s browser would appear when logging out has been resolved. Users will no longer receive an error from their browser when signing out, as expected.

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