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How To: Set up Goal or Activity Tracking Sessions
How To: Set up Goal or Activity Tracking Sessions
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To set up tracking sessions:

  1. Select Track on the bottom of the screen.

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  2. Select +Create in the top right corner or, if no tracking sessions are active, Create New Session in the center of the page.

  3. Complete the following required fields:

    • Start Date: The current date is selected by default. Click the calendar icon to select the date the session should be started on.

    • Start Time: defaults to your system’s clock but can be changed.

    • Session Observer: Click the drop-down to choose to set yourself or another user as the session observer.

      • If creating for yourself: Select Assign to Me.

      • If creating tracking sessions for fellow team members: Input their name here.

        • Please note, if this tracking session is assigned to another member of the team, you will not see the activity in your list of scheduled tracking sessions.

    • What student data are you tracking?

      • Select Goals and/or Activities.

  4. Select students:

    • Use the drop-down in the top left to change classes.

    • Choose students by selecting the checkbox next to their name.

  5. The session name is optional, but it is recommended to name sessions for easier searching and organization.

  6. Once all students are selected and the required fields are completed, click Continue.

  7. On the Tracking Session Details page, all selected student(s) along with their goals and short-term objectives and/or activities are displayed.

  8. Choose a student on the left to to select them. After selecting a student, their name will be highlighted.

  9. If both “Goal” and “Activities” were chosen on the previous screen, users can toggle between the Goals and Activities tabs at the top of the page. If only "Goals” or “Activities” was selected, only the chosen data collection type will display.

  10. Scroll and search the student's goals or activities manually or use the search and filter options.

  11. To include all the student's goals or activities, click the checkbox next to Select All or choose individually by selecting the checkbox next to the desired item.

    • Some goals have additional short term objectives that can also be included. Choosing to select all goals will include all short-term objectives automatically.

  12. Students with selections made will have a check mark that says “Ready.”

  13. Once selections are made for all students in the tracking session, click Finish Set-up.

  14. A pop-up will display asking to save the session and start tracking immediately or save the session and start tracking later. Select either Yes & Start Session Now or Yes, but Track Later.

    • If Yes & Start Session Now is selected, users are redirected to the tracking session.

    • If Yes, but Track Later is selected, users are redirected back to the Data Tracking page and will see the new tracking session listed. To start the tracking session, click Continue.

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