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How To: Set up Goal or Activity Tracking Sessions
How To: Set up Goal or Activity Tracking Sessions
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To set up tracking sessions:

  1. Select Track on the bottom of the screen.

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  2. Select +Create in the top right corner or, if no tracking sessions are active, Create New Session in the center of the page.

  3. Select students:

    • Use the "All Classes & Caseloads" drop-down in the top left to filter students by class and add students from different classes to the same tracking session.

    • Choose individual students by selecting the checkbox next to their name or click the Select All Students checkbox.

  4. Complete the Session Details section:

    • Session Name: The session name is optional, but it is recommended to name sessions for easier searching and organization.
      Data Collector: Click the drop-down so select the data collector for this session.

    • Start Date: The current date is selected by default. Click the calendar icon to select the date the session should be started on.

    • Start Time: Defaults to your system’s clock, but can be changed.

    • End Time (only appears if a past date is selected): If you have chosen a start date in the past, you can also specify when the session ended.

  5. Once the students are selected and sessions details are added, you can click on the Modify Goals & Activities button to modify which activities and goals should be selected for each student, if desired. By default, all activities and goals are pre-selected for all added students.

    • If you do not wish to modify the goals and activities selected, click Save to finish setting up your tracking session.

  6. Toggle between the Activities and Goals tabs to select or deselect items for each student individually.

    • Use the Select All checkbox to quickly select or deselect all activities or goals for a student.

      • Please note, in the Goals tab you can select either a particular goal or its short-term objectives, but not both simultaneously.

  7. Once finished completing the session details and editing any activities and goals, if desired, click the Save button.

  8. The newly created tracking session will now be visible on the Track page. To begin the session, click Continue.

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