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How To: View Activity Details in a Tracking Session
How To: View Activity Details in a Tracking Session
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When logging data in an activity tracking session, users can view Activity Details:

  • Basic Info

    • Activity Name

    • Activity Type

    • Number of Trials

    • Aligned Goals()

  • Mastery Criteria

    • Response Correctness

    • Number of Consecutive Days

    • Minimum Number of Trials Run Per Day

    • Minimum Number of Instructors Tracking

  • Teaching Procedures

    • Baseline Assessment Procedure

    • Pre-requisites

    • Teaching Procedure

    • Errorless Teaching Procedure

    • Data Collection Guide

    • Requirement Materials

To view activity details:

  1. Click the ellipses icon for an activity and select View Activity Details from the drop-down.

  2. In the Activity Details pane, click on Basic Info, Mastery Criteria, or Teaching Procedures to see the relevant activity details.

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