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4.9.0: Introducing ABC Data Collection
4.9.0: Introducing ABC Data Collection
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Introducing ABC Data Collection, a tool for identifying the function of occurring behaviors to guide proper intervention for reducing their frequency.

New Features & Improvements

ABC Data Collection:

  • During an active data collection session, ABC data can be collected for any student.

  • Users can select the “ABC Data” tab in a student’s profile, to review and export data collected, or collect new ABC Data from the Behavior Tracking Panel button in a session, or in the student profile. When creating a new ABC behavior, users can select the date, time, student, location, and the following ABC fields: Antecedents, Behaviors, Consequences.

  • The “ABC Data” tab in the student profile can be filtered by This Week, Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence, and Location. Content within this section can also be added, edited, or deleted.

  • Admins can export ABC data for a district or an individual learner to an Excel or CSV file. Other users can only export ABC Data for an individual learner.

  • Users can collect ABC data on behaviors that already exist in their library, and which are assigned to the student, or they can also collect ABC data on new behaviors they can later convert into trackable behaviors for frequency or duration.

You can learn more about ABC data collection on our help desk at

Other Updates

  • To facilitate the efficient viewing of large staff populations, the Manage Staff page has pagination. Users can now see 50 staff members and toggle between pages to view all.

  • Search functionality on the Manage Staff page will only occur after hitting the enter key or clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

  • District Admins can edit staff profiles to include a name, role, school, class, and caseload from the Manage Staff page.

  • The Manage District page has been removed.

Please contact CR LiftEd’s support ( to bulk import staff, students, schools, IEPs, or Classes.

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