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WI-FI & Offline Data Syncing
WI-FI & Offline Data Syncing
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Bandwidth Requirements

  • CR LiftEd requires the Internet. Bandwidth will not likely be an issue; however, please contact your IT department to ensure your school, district, or organization can support the implementation. If classroom staff are using many devices in a single classroom simultaneously (e.g., 8+), a broadband WI-FI connection is required, as well as having additional hardware installed in the classroom(s) for support (e.g., WI-FI extender).

  • CR LiftEd also supports limited offline functions. Please contact your Implementation or Account Manager for more information.

Data / Connectivity Overview

Tracking Sessions

  • In tracking sessions, autosave occurs every 2 minutes in the background. If users want to manually save faster, there is a "Save Now" button. In the event of WI-FI disconnection, data is protected during a tracking session. Data gets stored in cache until a connection is regained, and then it autosaves in the background to prevent a workflow interruption.

  • When users are in a tracking session for an extended period of time, data will save automatically. However, if the screen is idle, a message may display that you have been disconnected from the CR LiftEd server. The message is to notify users that CR LiftEd is reestablishing a database connection and will disappear as soon as a connection is made. Any unsaved data will automatically save prior to idling.

  • If WI-FI is disconnected for more than a few minutes, and the application cannot re-establish a connection, it will prevent users from using the application until a WI-FI connection is restored.

Behavior Tracking Observations

  • All data is saved real-time. There is no autosave necessary. The moment +/- frequency data is entered, it stores to the database. As soon as "Save and End Observation" is selected, it is auto graphed. Duration Behavior is similar. As soon as the timer is started, it automatically stores that Behavior Observation start time to the database until "Save and End Observation" is selected. It then saves the end time and calculates the total duration and plots on the graph.

  • If a WI-FI connection is lost while tracking Behavior Observation, a similar instance to tracking sessions occurs.

  • Throughout CR LiftEd where users can create, edit, and delete student profile activities, behaviors, graphs, etc., the "Save" button needs to be selected because it will not be autosaved. If a WI-FI connection is lost, a message will display notifying users.

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