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The Frontline IEP – Automated Integration with CR LiftEd
The Frontline IEP – Automated Integration with CR LiftEd
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CR LiftEd recently partnered with Frontline Education to provide automated nightly integration with Frontline’s IEP management solution (formerly IEP Direct) at no cost to New Jersey based schools & districts. It will be activated upon district request to Frontline by contacting their Help Desk via typical support channels (email, chat, or telephone).

This integration enables a nightly, automated send of new students (demographic data) and in-force IEP data from Frontline to CR LiftEd, as well as updates to students and newly issued IEPs throughout the school year as changes occur. The full list of data fields sent are:

  • Student File

    • Student ID

    • School District

    • District ID

    • Placement Location

    • Location ID

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Birthdate

    • Gender

    • Classification

    • Grade Level

    • Parent First Name

    • Parent Last Name

    • Parent Email

    • Parent Phone

  • IEP File

    • Document ID

    • Student ID

    • IEP Start Date

    • IEP End Date

    • Goal Number

    • Goal

    • Goal Area

    • Goal Criteria

    • Goal Due Date

    • Objective

    • Objective Criteria

Setup Instructions with Frontline

Once the feature has been activated for your school or district, you will be provided with credentials to a secure site where your data will be delivered by Frontline. You will also have access to two new links in the “Data Extracts” section of Frontline IEP Maintenance, called LiftEd Integration Setup and LiftEd Extracts.

To begin the process, your district is required to complete the “LiftEd Integration Setup” screen. The setup screen identifies the specific students to be included in the files. Students will be included based on selections for three criteria: Special Education Program(s), Grade(s), and Placement Location(s). All fields default to blank, and selections must be made in each field. Each field is populated via multi-select dropdown. The option to “Select All” may also be checked.

Once students have been identified, a Student File (containing demographic information) and an IEP File (containing goals and objectives) will be generated and delivered nightly to the secure site. The initial files will contain data for the identified students from their latest finalized document in the 2023-24 school year. After the initial files, only changes made since the last file was generated will be included.

Although this is an automated process, a district may also choose to manually generate the files. To do so:

  1. Click the LiftEd Extracts link.

  2. Select the Extract Type (Student File or IEP File).

  3. Click Preview. A grid identifying the data included in the file will display on the left of the screen and a list of students included in the file will display on the bottom of the screen.

  4. Click Submit to deliver a new file to the secure site.

5. All CR LiftEd files will display in “Extract History” (also available in the Data Extracts section of Maintenance).

Setup Instructions with CR LiftEd

  1. For new CR LiftEd customers in the 23-24 school year, contact your CR LiftEd Implementation Manager and provide the SFTP information provided by Frontline.

    • For existing CR LiftEd customers with students and IEPs already configured, that want to activate the integration, please inform your CR LiftEd implementation manager prior to communicating with Frontline.

  2. Your Implementation Manager will work with an IT point of contact to complete a data review and clean-up process, ensuring all students have valid state IDs and required demographic field data in Frontline.

    • Only students with in-force IEPs for the 2023-2024 school year will be included in the nightly integration.

  3. Your Implementation Manager will complete an initial manual sync from Frontline and confirm that data is flowing as expected before enabling the nightly automated syncs.

  4. Contact your Implementation Manager to disable the nightly sync or request a manual sync.

Please note: With the Frontline IEP integration sync enabled, staff can no longer create or edit goals or students directly. IEP periods are also not editable. Student and IEP information comes from Frontline only.

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