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4.7.0: Frontline IEP Integration, Platform Stability, and Bug Fixes
4.7.0: Frontline IEP Integration, Platform Stability, and Bug Fixes
Written by Alyssa
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v4.7.0 released on 7/26/23 at 9:31PM EST

The 4.7.0 release contains an important Frontline IEP integration and several bug fixes.

New Features & Improvements🌟

- Administrators can share SFTP credentials for IEP and student roster to configure a nightly data sync and enable a manual data sync as well.

- Users can now create new IEP periods from the Goals tab in a student profile page.

- The time of the last save will now display at the top of the page.

- The navigation bar color has been updated to match the colors of the new CR LiftEd logo.

Bug Fixes ⚒️

- A bug preventing users from resetting their password using the ”Forgot Password” button on the login screen has been fixed.

- The issue causing an error message to display, which is preventing users from logging in has been resolved. Users can log in as expected.

- Data Caching has been implemented with Data Tracking Sessions to ensure that tracking data always saves even when there is an unstable internet connection.

- A bug causing data points to disappear when changing the date has been fixed.

- A bug preventing users from ending data collection has been resolved.

- Class lists will display according to the selected district, as expected.

- Phase change lines will display as expected when added to graphs for Task Analysis types.

- An issue causing the Avg Score to calculate incorrectly has been resolved.

- Users with an insufficient screen size to run the LiftEd application will receive an error message, as expected.

- When resuming a tracking session, all selections made previously will display and will not be selectable.

- Goals and Activity Tracking will save as expected.

- Fixed an issue which caused library contents to be hidden from some users.

Top Priority Feature Requests & Enhancements

These are top priority requests reported by LiftEd users that our engineering team is working on next:

- Graphing enhancements

- Tracking session summaries with target level data, prompts used, etc

- Creating new tracking sessions 10x faster

- Assigning activities and behaviors to students 10x faster

- Behavior progress / graph report PDF export

- Improved prompt level tracking

- Seeing behavior observation summaries for each behavior from student profile

- Improved mastery workflow

...and more!

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