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3.10.1: Activities Fixes
3.10.1: Activities Fixes
Written by Alyssa
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LiftEd v3.10.1 was released on 12/15/22 at 2:00PM EST.

Bug Fixes ⚒️

  • The issue preventing users from aligning activities to IEP goals on the student profile (activities tab) has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing teachers and BCBAs from editing activities that have no mastery criteria specified has been resolved. The error message will no longer display and prevent users from making edits.

Top Priority Feature Requests & Enhancements

These are top priority requests reported by LiftEd users that our engineering team is working on next:

  • Graphing enhancements

  • Tracking session summaries with target level data, prompts used, etc

  • Creating new tracking sessions 10x faster

  • Assigning activities and behaviors to students 10x faster

  • Behavior progress / graph report PDF export

  • Improved prompt level tracking

  • Seeing behavior observation summaries for each behavior from student profile

  • Improved mastery workflow

...and more!

We want to hear from you!

To request features, upvote existing feature requests, or report bugs/issues in LiftEd, please click/tap the orange chat icon in the LiftEd app, scroll down in the widget:

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