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3.8.1: Minor Behavior Tracking Fixes
3.8.1: Minor Behavior Tracking Fixes
Written by Alyssa
Updated over a week ago

LiftEd v.3.8.1 was released don 11/21/22 at 6:53AM EST.

Bug Fixes ⚒️

  • Resolved: Selecting "Save & End Observation" didn't work every time.

  • Resolved: Previous notes entered while tracking a "Duration" behavior are not cleared for new observation

Known Issues (We are currently working on) ⚒️

These are top priority bugs reported by LiftEd users that our engineering team is working on and can be expected for released in LiftEd during the week of Nov 21st.

  • Activity targets reverting back to "Not Introduced" phase even after the phase has been changed to "Teaching", "Mastered" or another phase.

  • Future (Not yet being taught) targets displaying in activity tracking sessions. Users need to only see only current targets being taught

  • IEP Goal Subject not displaying on the IEP goal in student profile

Top Priority Feature Requests & Enhancements

These are top priority requests reported by LiftEd users that our engineering team is working on next:

  • Graphing enhancements

  • Tracking session summaries with target level data, prompts used, etc

  • Creating new tracking sessions 10x faster

  • Assigning activities and behaviors to students 10x faster

  • Behavior progress / graph report PDF export

  • Improved prompt level tracking

  • Seeing behavior observation summaries for each behavior from student profile

  • Improved mastery workflow

...and more!

We want to hear from you!

To request features, upvote existing feature requests, or report bugs/issues in LiftEd, please click/tap the orange chat icon in the LiftEd app, scroll down in the widget:

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