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How to Access CR Institute Training Courses
How to Access CR Institute Training Courses
Written by Alyssa
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CR Institute offers training courses.

To access your training courses:

  1. Navigate to and log in

    • If your organization purchased a portal providing you with content, log in with the email address associated with that portal.

  2. You will be directed to your dashboard, which will display the following:

    • Courses currently in progress, available, started, or completed. Courses are individual pieces of content, whereas learning paths are created by assembling content authored within the platform in specific sequences, within milestones.

      • To start a course, click Start Course under the “My Learning” section.

      • To start a learning path, click Start Learning Path under the “Learning Paths” section.

    • Any collaborations you have

    • A graph of daily activity

Completed courses are under the “Completed” section where users can view the courses and learning paths they have completed. Certifications can also be viewed under the “Certifications” section where users can download certificates and upload third-party certificates.

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