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How To: Use the District Library
How To: Use the District Library
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The District Library allows users to share activities and behaviors within a school district.

To use the District Library:

  1. Click Library in the bottom navigation bar and select District Library.

  2. Select Activities or Behaviors to toggle between the activity or behavior library.

    • In the Activities tab, filter by:

      • Category

      • Grades

      • Academic Subject

      • Created By

    • In the Behaviors tab, filter by:

      • Behavior Measures

      • Created By

  3. Use the search bar to find a specific activity or behavior.

  4. Click the Sort icon to sort by “Date Created” or “Name.”

  5. Select the ellipses icon on the bottom right of an activity or behavior to open a pop-up menu with the following options:

    • View Details

    • Assign to Student(s)

    • Duplicate

    • Save to My Library

    • Delete

  6. Select multiple activities or behaviors by clicking the checkbox on the top left.

    1. When two or more items are selected, users can click Bulk Actions to delete the selected behaviors, save them to their library, or assign them to students.

To add a new activity or behavior to the District Library:

  1. Select Add New on the top right of the District Library page.

  2. Choose Activity to District Library or Behavior to District Library.

  3. Complete the steps to add an activity or behavior.

Please note, based on their role, users may not have access to certain features.

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