3.2.1: Bug Fixes
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The LiftEd 3.2.1 release contains fixes to graphs, retroactive notes for Activity Tracking, notes, and more.

The following new fixes and improvements have been released in LiftEd:

  • There were many locations in LiftEd to view student progress (i.e., Progress bar and status on goal, target graph(s), and the data table in the student profile). The following fixes have been implemented:

    • Graph(s) will now accurately display title(s).

    • Mastery will now reflected correctly on data table in the student profile.

    • Retroactive notes corrected for Activity tracking, reflecting the current date instead of the retroactive date.

    • When mastering a target from the crown icon, mastery is reflecting with an accurate date and not reverting the next day.

    • Viewing notes for when tracking goals has been improved.

  • The following are still being worked on:

    • Activity/goal (re)alignment

    • Behavior data auto-saving

    • Goals/behaviors retroactive notes not yet showing matching retroactive date

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