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3.2.0: Activity Tracking Session Updates
3.2.0: Activity Tracking Session Updates
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The LiftEd 3.2.0 release contains updates to Activity Tracking Sessions.

The following product updates have been released in LiftEd:

Please DO NOT use the EDIT feature for Activity Tracking Sessions.

Edit Tracking session
  • To ensure data integrity, users cannot make active edits or changes to a student's activities while the student is assigned to an active tracking session, as this might create data conflicts.

  • If users attempt to make modifications or additions to activities or behaviors under the student profile while an active tracking session is occurring, users will receive the "Activity in Use" message below or will be blocked from making changes.

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 12
  • The following are suggestions for Activity Tracking Sessions:

    • Consider adding ALL potential activities that may have data collection against at the start of each session.

    • You can consolidate the view of activities/targets by using the HIDE feature, seen below.

activities Hide or Show
  • Implement new targets, update phase change lines all from the student profile for a future session.

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 4

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

  • The Duration Behavior data clock has been corrected. The data from the session reflects accurately on the graph. This time clock will now be working accurately for the new duration data collected.

  • A prompt to SAVE when using the back button in the browser has been activated. When using the back button, an alert has been put in place to ask users to save. Saving before using the back button in the browser will prevent the potential loss of unsaved changes.

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 12
  • The following display errors have been corrected:

    • Notes for Activities created during retroactive sessions will now display the accurate date (e.g., Note made today for yesterday's date will display yesterday's date).

    • The Goals progress bar will now update correctly, as expected.

    • The Goals date of current progress will now update correctly, as expected.

The following are being worked on:

There are many locations within LiftEd to view student progress (i.e., Progress bar and status on goal, target graph(s), the data table in the student profile). We are experiencing a low number of reports of data display inaccuracies and working on fixes for the following:

  • Graphs occasionally not displaying a title.

  • Mastery not reflecting on data table in the student profile.

  • Goal tracking sessions experiencing date and note display issues.

  • Retroactive goal tracking and behavior sessions notes reflecting the current date instead of the retroactive date.

  • When mastering a target from the crown icon, mastery is not reflecting with an accurate date or reverting the next day.

Please continue to master targets as usual. When these fixes are enabled, the graphs and data tables should reflect appropriately.

Thank you for your commitment to tracking student progress. With your feedback, we are continuing to refine our solution to meet your needs and drive student outcomes!

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