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How To: Add and Edit Targets for Activities
How To: Add and Edit Targets for Activities
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Users can make additions or edits to activity targets for all students in the library or make additions and edits to an activity target for a specific student from their profile.

To add and edit targets in all subsequent activities:

  1. Select Library from the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Find the desired Activity.

  3. Click the ellipses icon on the bottom right of the card.

  4. Select View Details.

  5. Select the pencil icon.

  6. Edit targets.

  7. Click Save.

To edit or add targets for a specific student:

  1. Navigate to the student’s profile and select Activities.

  2. Choose an activity to add or edit.

  3. Select Details.

  4. Click Edit to edit and add any activity information, including targets.

  5. Select Save Activity.

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