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3.1.2: Tracking Sessions Improvements
3.1.2: Tracking Sessions Improvements
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The LiftEd 3.1.2 release includes improvements to tracking sessions and fixes.

The following new features and product updates have been released in LiftEd:

Tracking Session Page

  • Ability to view Current and Past Sessions.

  • Ability to view sessions that you have created for others.

  • Tracking sessions are still created by clicking +New session, view this video for more information.

New Tracking Session screen copy

Generating Phase Change Line From the Student Profile

  • Save time and with fewer clicks.

  • No longer required to create a tracking session to add phase change lines.

  • Select multiple targets to change at once.

  • A new ellipses menu has been added to the student profile under the Activity tab

  • You can change the target status(es) for one or more targets.

  • You have the option of generating a phase change line or not.

  • This option is also provided within a tracking session. A multi-target phase change ellipses are now provided at the activity level.

Adding Multi pcL from Student Profile

Resolved Bug Fixes

  • Intermittent student(s) display error, students not appearing on Class/Caseload (now corrected).

Coming Soon

  • Adding location to a tracking session.

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