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How To: Log into CR LiftEd
How To: Log into CR LiftEd
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CR LiftEd is accessible from most Wi-Fi enabled desktops, laptops, or tablets.

To Log into CR Lifted:

  1. Navigate to CR Lifted (

  2. Enter your school email address and password.

  3. Select Login.

Users that have never logged into CR LiftEd or do not have an account set up should contact their school administrator.

A screenshot of a login screen

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Please note, CR LiftEd is not accessible from mobile devices and tablets with a screen resolution below 1024x768 px.

Try the following steps if a message appears when attempting to access CR LiftEd from a mobile device:

  1. Turn the tablet horizontally (landscape mode) and refresh the browser tab/window.

  2. If the message persists after refreshing the browser, the device is below the minimum 1024x768 px threshold and cannot access CR LiftEd.

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