How To: Update Target Phase
Updated over a week ago

Users can update the target’s phase (aka the target status) in a tracking session.

When moving to a new phase in a tracking session:

  1. Select Track from the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Click the ellipsis icon.

  3. Select Add Target Phase Change Line.

  4. The “Phase Change Label,” "Appears After (Date)," and "Next Phase" fields are required.

    • Please note, if moving out of "Not Specified - Baseline" users may want the "Appears After (Date)" set to the day before.

  5. Click Save & View Graph to generate a line on the graph and it will change on the tracking session.

Please note, users can not update target phases using the "Mark Complete" button. Instead, select the ellipses (...) to generate a phase change line.

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