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3.0.9: Updates to Target Phases, Phase Change Lines, and Data Points
3.0.9: Updates to Target Phases, Phase Change Lines, and Data Points
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The LiftEd 3.0.9 release was prioritized to:

  • Resolve intermittent data display issues experienced during activity tracking sessions and when viewing activity graphs.

  • New streamlined changes to change target status and generate phase change lines.

The following new features and product updates have been released in LiftEd:

To help ensure data is collected and reflected on the accurate date:

  • When setting up a tracking session, the auto-selected date on the calendar is correct (E.g., Today's date is 12/7/20).

  • Name the sessions with your last name and date (E.g., Peltack 12/7/20).

Data Display Improvements

  • The accuracy of data displays on activity graphs has been improved.

Graph Views

  • % and 123 toggle view options accurately reflect on the graph.

  • Y-axis changes to address the ceiling scale for data collected.

Phase Change Lines

  • Phase change lines should accurately reflect when entering the phase change for a prior date and current date.

  • Phase change lines reflect appropriate descriptive labels.

  • Mark complete lines should no longer be automatically generating on graphs.

Data Points

  • Data points should accurately reflect data collected in a tracking session.

  • Delete functionality on data points is corrected on activity and behavior graphs.

Updating Target Phases

  • Streamlined the process for updating a target status. (Users will no longer update target phases from the "Mark Complete" button. Instead, select the ellipses (breadcrumbs) to generate a phase change line).

Mark Complete Button Updates

The "Mark Complete" button confirms the target phase(s), target score(s), and allows users to keep or DISCARD (delete) data. Please note, users can no longer change the target phase from this screen. Please click here for more information.

* As always, if you encounter any data display issues, please in-app chat message our support team!

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