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The Difference between Mark Complete, Target Phases, and Phase Change Lines
The Difference between Mark Complete, Target Phases, and Phase Change Lines
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Mark Complete is a tool that can be used to visually track and monitor the completion of instruction throughout a tracking session. Mark Complete can also be used to review all data collected in a session and confirm that you want to keep data (have it graphed) or discard.

Phase Changes Lines are created to identify different phases of instruction or changes in instructional conditions (e.g., Baseline, Teaching, Generalization, and Maintenance.) A phase change line is a vertical dashed line populated on a graph to indicate a new phase has occurred.

Phase changes lines can be populated from the tracking session screen at the individual target level. To generate a phase change line follow the steps within this modal.

Target Phases indicate what phase of instruction a user is in. Target phases are defaulted to "Not Specified" until changed. Users can change the label on their targets to help inform instructional practices. The data collector will be aware if the target(s) should be baselined, are in teaching, or require an intervention, etc.

When the target phase is updated, it will appear to the right of the target in the tracking screen and within the Mark Complete modal.

To update the target phase, follow the steps for creating a phase change line. A drop-down menu of target phases is provided to support phase updates.

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