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Methods for Collecting Activity Tracking Data
Methods for Collecting Activity Tracking Data

Manual, plus (+) (-)

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There are two primary ways to collect data:

  1. Enter a manual score

  2. Collect trial by trial data

To enter a total score:

  1. Select the blue hand icon and enter the incorrect (if applicable) and correct scores

  2. Click Save Now.

To collect trial by trial data:

  1. Use the blue X and checkmark boxes.

  2. Use the undo button between the score and trial boxes to "undo" the last trial data were collected for.

  3. Beside the trial data collection boxes is an icon for prompting to record the type of prompts that have been provided during instructional trials.

4. Select the three buttons beside the target status (defaults to NOT INTRODUCED) to create a phase change line, display the graph and/or delete all trials.

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