Viewing Multiple IEP Periods
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Student profiles feature multiple IEP periods (e.g., 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 school years).

  • Selecting the carrot "v" next to the student's name allows users to view how many IEPs are listed for that student.

  • On the student profile, versions of the IEP appear in the "IEP period" dropdown.

  • The newest version of the IEP is the default view.

  • The past IEP periods are shown as read-only.

After an Administrator uploads a new IEP into CR LiftEd the following message will display:

  1. Following the steps in the message, users can align student activities with the "NOW" or "LATER" options.

    • If selecting NOW, users can align the activities all in this screen for multiple students.

    • If selecting LATER, when creating a new session, the new IEP goals will appear, however, no activities will be available for selection until they are transferred over to the new IEP.

  2. You must reassign activities to the newest IEP to access the instructional activities.

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