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3.0: Multiple IEP Periods, Data Tracking Improvements, Two-way Messaging
3.0: Multiple IEP Periods, Data Tracking Improvements, Two-way Messaging
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Below is a digital toolkit of resources to help users navigate our most recent improvements in the LiftEd 3.0 release. Select each link for a brief overview and helpful images of how to progress monitor.

LiftEd Digital Tool Kit For v3.0

Viewing Multiple IEP Periods

  • Student profiles will feature multiple IEP periods (e.g., 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 school years).

  • Ability to transfer instructional activities to the new IEP period.

Data Tracking Improvements

  • Enhanced design for quicker data collection capture.

  • Reorder instructional activities using the sort filter.

  • Manually enter scores for instructional trials (efficient tracking within session and retroactive data collection).

  • Ability to “mark” activities as complete to assist with instructional planning and staff transitions.

Intervention Tracking

  • A streamlined process for identifying phases of instruction (removal of phase label to begin data collection).

NEW LiftEd for Families Communication Module

  • Secure 2-way Messaging.

  • IEP team shares messages within the LiftEd platform and designated parent/guardian can receive messages via SMS (text messaging).

  • Language translation for 100+ languages.

  • Ability to share attachments with resources!

  • Click here for LiftEd For Families Educator Resources.

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