How to Set up Goal Tracking
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To set up goal tracking sessions:

  1. Navigate to the Data Tracking page by clicking Track at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click Track to create a new tracking session.

3. Select Create New Session

4. Complete the following required fields:

  • Start Date: The current date is selected by default. Click the calendar icon to select the date the session should be started on.

  • Start Time

  • Session Observer

  • What student data are you tracking?

5. Select students:

  • Use the drop-down in the top left to change classes.

  • Choose students by selecting the checkbox next to their name.

6. Name the session by entering a name into the box. The session name is optional, but it is recommended to name sessions for easier searching and organization.

7. The "Session Observer" box allows users to set themselves or someone else as the session observer. Click the drop-down arrow to choose.

  • If creating for yourself: Select Assign to Me

  • If creating tracking sessions for fellow team members: Input their name here.

    • Please note, if this tracking session is assigned to another member of the team, you will not see the activity in your list of scheduled tracking sessions.

8. Select the Goals tab (no other options should be selected). Users will automatically have access to tracking behaviors.

9. The Track as Therapy/Provider Session should remain unchecked

10. Once all students have been selected and the required fields are completed, click Continue.

11. All selected student(s) along with their goals and short term objectives are displayed. Choose a student to select which goals and objectives to track. After selecting a student their name will be highlighted in blue.

12. Scroll and search the student's goals manually or use the search and filter options as shown below.

13. To include all of the student's goals, click All next to the number of goals.

14. To track short term objectives, select those individually.

15. Put a checkmark next to the applicable goals/objectives to make them available during the tracking session.

17. Students with selections made will no longer have an arrow and "Next" by their name. It will be replaced with a green check mark that says Ready.

18. Once goals are selected for all students in the tracking session, click Finish Set-up

19. A pop-up will display asking to save the session and start tracking immediately or save the session and start tracking later. Select either Yes & Start Session Now or Yes, but Track Later.

  • If Yes & Start Now is selected, you will be redirected to the goal tracking session.

  • If Yes, but Track Later is selected, you will be redirected back to the Data Tracking page and will see the new tracking session listed. To start the tracking session, click Continue.

To collect goal tracking data:

  1. After the Goal Tracking Session has started, you will see the screen shown below. Input all information relevant to student(s)' tracking sessions.

2. To start, select a student to input information for on the left-hand side. Search quickly through students with the search icon or browse through the list.

  • TIP: To rearrange the order of students within a Goal Tracking Session, click the 3 vertical dots next to the student’s name and drag and drop them wherever you want them in the list.

3. Once all applicable information is input to all necessary students, click Save. The session will "save" for each student as you work! Just be sure to Save All before exiting to avoid losing any changes.

  • TIP: It is recommended to save and continue data collection as you go. (Similar to using a Word document, the data will save and allow users to continue data collection).

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