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Early Intervention Reporting
Early Intervention Reporting
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For early intervention reporting:

  1. Navigate to Reports

  2. Click the drop-down on the top right-hand side and select Early Intervention.

4. After selecting the drop-down, toggle between "Therapy Type," "Sessions Observed by Me," or "Created by me/observed by others"

  • Therapy Types: Counseling, Speech, Physical, O&M, Occupational, and TVI. (These would be pre selected and correlate to when you created your tracking session).

  • Tracking Session =  Report

  • "Sessions Observed by Me" or "Created by me/observed by others"

If you create a tracking session and assign it to another person, such as a para-professional or class assistant, use session created by me/observed by others. 

At a glance you can now view a report of your sessions.

  1. Session Note: The note that describes the overall session is placed here in this column. 

2. Outcome Notes: If you click the arrow next to a student name, more information will appear. Outcome #, Description, Priority, and Notes. 

3. View the notes on each outcome by clicking View

To edit and modify reports:

  1. Select the pencil in each row: Service Date, Therapy Start, Billable Hours, Student, Therapy Type, Service Type, Location, Visit Form.

2. To edit Service Visits, Navigate to the Student Profile and click the pencil.

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