Therapy Tracking Sessions
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When creating a tracking session and select to track as a Therapy/Provider session, a therapy type must be chosen.

CR LiftEd auto filters goals by the therapy type. The filter, based on the selected Therapy Type, appears with an orange background as shown below.

In the above image, no goals are displaying for this student. Since the filter is automatically applied, it only show goals or activities that are set up as that therapy type.

  1. Click the X on the filter to remove it and display all goals. Then, proceed to setting up the session.

  2. To have goals and activities to display automatically under the filter, edit them to contain Curriculum Areas. They must be exact and contain one of the following values:

    • Counseling

    • Occupational

    • Orientation & Mobility

    • Physical

    • Speech

    • TVI

To make edits to existing goals:

  1. Open the student's profile and make sure you are under the Goals tab. You will be there by default when the page loads.

  2. Select the pencil icon within the goal detail box to edit the goal's Curriculum Area.

  3. Enter the Curriculum Area exactly as written above

  4. Click Save Goal. The goal will show under the applicable filter.

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