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February 12, 2020 Feature Releases & Updates
February 12, 2020 Feature Releases & Updates
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The following new features and product improvements have been released in LiftEd:

  • Added alphabetical and 'most recent' sorting on the student profile.

  • Complete redesign of the "Create Outcome" screen.

  • Redesign layout of "Edit an Outcome" on the student profile.

  • Added comprehensive Early Intervention Outcome Tracking Sessions.

  • Added comprehensive related service to Therapy Tracking Sessions.

  • Users can now select goal(s) for tracking even if there are short term objectives in place.

  • A new "Reports" page with three reports:

    • Tracking Session (Non-Therapy): Goals, short term objectives, and activities.

    • Tracking Session (Therapy): Goals, activities, or outcomes. Also, includes therapy related fields.

    • Tracking Session (Outcomes)

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