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How To: Use Activity Target Mastery
How To: Use Activity Target Mastery
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To mark progress by mastering students' targets:

  1. Navigate to the student's Activity Tracking Session by clicking Continue next to the tracking session's name.

  2. Find and select the student's name on the left-hand side. The selected student will be highlighted.

  3. Once the student selection is made, their activities will appear on the right-hand side.

  4. To expand an activity to view its targets, click the arrow to the far left of the activity name.

  5. To master a target, click the ellipses icon and select Add Target Phase Change Line.

  6. Select Mastered in the “Next Phase” drop-down menu and complete the “Phase Change Label” and “Appears After (Date) fields. Users can leave extra notes, if desired.

  7. Click Save & View Graph to finish mastering the target. Once an activity is mastered, the crown icon will turn green and the mastery date will appear below.

    • Mastered targets are on students' profiles.

  8. Navigate to the Activities tab to view mastery dates and information.

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