Activity Target Mastery
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To mark progress by mastering students' targets:

  1. Navigate to the student's Activity Tracking Session by clicking Continue next to the tracking session's name.

2. Find and select the student's name in the left pane. The selected student will be highlighted in blue.

3. Once the student selection is made, their activities will appear in the right pane. 

4. To expand an activity to view its targets, click the arrow to the far right of the activity name.

5. To master a target, click the crown icon to the left of the target name. A pop-up will ask to confirm that you want to master the target. Users also have the option to choose to generate a phase change line on the graph, as well as leave a note.
6. Click Continue to finish mastering the target. Once an activity is mastered, the crown icon will turn green and the mastery date will appear below.

  • Mastered targets are on students' profiles.

7. Navigate to the Activities tab to view mastery dates and information.

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