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January 24, 2020 Feature Releases & Updates
January 24, 2020 Feature Releases & Updates
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The following new features and product updates have been released in LiftEd:

  • Added the ability to delete and edit Behavior data points.

  • Added Task Analysis Activities.

  • Phase Change/Tactic lines now display for Activity Graphs. Users can edit and delete phase change lines.

  • Can now create IFSP Outcomes for Early Intervention students.

  • Mastered activity targets will now display on the Activity tab of the student profile.

  • The Behavior Duration timer will now auto-stop any active timers running upon LiftEd logout or session timeout.

  • Added 85 color options for graph legends.


  • Fixed activity target mastery. Dates will now always appear in the tracking session below the mastery icon.

  • 10+ bug fixes including:

    • Activities not being “transferred” into tracking sessions.

    • Behavior data not appearing on graph.

    • Goals not deleting.

    • Activity percentage graph display issues.

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