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How to View Activity Tracking Graphs
How to View Activity Tracking Graphs
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In a student's Activity Tracking Graph, there are a few options to manage and collect the necessary information.

In the Full Graph View (pictured above), users can change between Activities and change the dates for the graphed data.

To change the Activity being viewed in Full Graph Mode:

  1. Select the drop-down with the Activity Name

  2. Change between quick date frames by clicking the drop down next to the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Users can choose from preset options or click Custom: Select Dates for a specific time frame.

  3. Change between a specific timeframe by clicking the box with dates listed to the far right of the gear icon. A calendar will drop-down and a specific date range can be selected.

4. At the bottom of the graph, there is a color based key for each Target related to the Activity. Choose to view multiple Targets plotted on the Graph at once, or select them individually.
5. Select each Target in the key to view it plotted on the Graph. To remove a Target, select it again.

6. Selected Targets to be plotted are highlighted in gray.

7. In Target Graphs, click on a data point to view, edit, or delete.
8. After selecting the Targets to view on the graph, locate and click the data point needed to view or edit it.
9. Edit allows users to change the percentage. Delete removes the data point all together.

10. When done viewing the Graph, click the X in the upper right-hand corner to be redirected to the previous view.

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