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How To: Collect Activity Tracking Data
How To: Collect Activity Tracking Data
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Users can collect activity data after starting or continuing an Activity Tracking session.

To collect activity data:

  1. Navigate to the Track page.

  2. Locate the desired Activity Tracking session and click Continue.

  3. Select a student on the left-hand side.

  4. Select an Activity to update on the right-hand side.

  5. Click the Activity's drop-down arrow to display all Targets related to the Activity.

  6. Collect data by clicking the X icon or the checkmark icon related to the target or enter an overall score by selecting Score, entering the number correct and incorrect, and selecting Save.

    • Use the undo button to remove the last trial data collected.

  7. Select Prompts to record the type of prompts that have been provided during instructional trials.

  8. Click the Notes icon to enter notes related to the Activity and align it to a target, if desired.

  9. Mark the Activity as complete by clicking Mark Complete.

  10. Choose to “Keep Data” or “Discard Data” in the drop-down.

  11. Click Mark Complete.

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