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How to Delete Behaviors from Student Profiles
How to Delete Behaviors from Student Profiles
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Users can view, edit, and delete behaviors assigned to students by visiting their profile.

To view, edit, or delete behaviors:

  1. Select the class the student belongs to and find the student in the left pane.

    • TIP: Use the Search option to find your student quicker!

  2. View the student's profile by clicking the blue person icon to the right of their name or by clicking View Student Profile towards the top of the right pane.

  3. On the student's profile, click the Behaviors tab.

  4. Locate the behavior in the left pane and select it. A blue box will appear around the selected behavior.

  5. Users can then:

    • View details about the behavior.

    • Click Edit to make changes to the behavior.

    • Click Delete to delete the behavior from the student.

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