How To: Create Behaviors
Updated over a week ago

Users can create new behaviors from the Library in CR LiftEd.

To create a new behavior:

  1. Click +Create in the top right.

  2. Name the behavior and select the behavior measure type: Duration or Frequency.

  3. Add as many locations (physical location where the behavior may be observed) as needed. Locations are optional and can be arranged by dragging and dropping.

  4. Optionally, enter a Definition that specifies exactly what behavior is to be observed.

  5. Click Save Behavior. Users have the following options:

    • Save Behavior to Library & Exit: Save behavior and assign later.

    • Save Behavior & Assign to Students: Save behavior and immediately choose student(s) to assign to.

    • Save Behavior & Add Another: Save behavior and create a new behavior.

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