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How To: Manage the Behavior Library
How To: Manage the Behavior Library
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The Behavior Library is a central hub for creating and managing behaviors for Behavior Tracking sessions. Users can view behavior details, assign behaviors to student(s), duplicate behaviors, share a copy, and delete behaviors.

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To make changes or updates to an existing behavior in the Behavior Library:

  1. Select Mine if the behavior was created by you or Shared with Me if it was shared with you from another user.

  2. Use the search or filter options to quickly locate the behavior.

  3. Click the ellipsis icon to open the behavior management menu:

    • View Details

      • View behavior details and select Edit to make changes.

    • Assign to Student(s)

      • Select students and click Finish to assign the behavior.

    • Duplicate

      • Copy a behavior.

    • Share a Copy

      • In the pop-up, select the checkbox next to users’ names to share the behavior and click Send.

        • Please note, users with multi-school access can share behaviors to CR LiftEd users in other school buildings. Users with district-wide access can share with anyone in the district.

    • Delete

      • Select Delete Behavior from Library in the pop-up to confirm.

        • Please note, this action will only delete the behavior template from your library. It will not delete the behavior from any specific students it has been assigned to. rs already assigned to a student, select the behavior from the “Behaviors” tab in the student’s profile. Click Edit to modify the behavior name, location, or definition.

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