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How To: Access Activity Tracking Graphs
How To: Access Activity Tracking Graphs
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Users can view Activity Graphs from a student's profile in an Activity Tracking Session.

To view an activity tracking graph from a student’s profile:

  1. Navigate to the Class & Caseloads Page.

  2. Select a class from the “Classes / Caseloads” drop-down on the top left.

  3. Select a student from the class list, or search for a student by clicking the magnifying glass icon and typing a student’s name.

  4. Click Profile next to the student’s name in the class list or click View Student Profile on the top right of the screen.

  5. In the student profile, click the Activities tab.

  6. Click the Graph icon on any activity row.

Data and graphs can also be viewed in an Activity Tracking Session:

  1. Select Track on the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Click Continue to continue an Activity Tracking Session.

  3. Select the graph icon beside the Mark Complete button.

    • Or, click the ellipsis icon beside the status of each target and select Display Graph from the drop-down.

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