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Accessing Activity Tracking Graphs
Accessing Activity Tracking Graphs
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Keeping track of student's data is vital to success. Users can view Activity Graphs from their student's profile (step 1 below) or right in the Activity Tracking Session! (step 2 below)

  1. To view the graph in the student's profile, navigate to the individual student through the Class & Caseloads Page

  2. Select which class the student is in

  3. Locate the student in the class list (You can use the magnifying glass to quickly search for a student).

  4. Click PROFILE or View Student Profile

5. On the Student Profile, click the Activities tab

6. Click Graphs towards the top right-hand corner, above "Activity Details"

Data and graphs can also be viewed in the Activity Tracking Session.

  1. Navigate to the Activity Tracking Session page on the Activity you want to view

  2. You can view the graph, by selecting the graph icon beside the
    "Mark Complete" button.

3. You can also view graphs by selecting the three dots (ellipsis) beside the status of each target in the data collection screen.

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