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How To: Activate a Preset Activity Session
How To: Activate a Preset Activity Session
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A Preset Activity Session means an Activity Tracking has already been created for you by yourself or another user.

To activate a preset activity session:

  1. Select Track from the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Click Start to activate the preset activity session.

  3. To start, select the student name in the left pane.

    • Please note, students' order in the list can be rearranged by dragging and dropping the 2 vertical rows of dots.

  4. Once a student selection is made, their activities will appear on the right-hand side. Click the drop-down arrow next to an activity to view more details and input data.

    • Use the magnifying glass icon to search within that category.

    • Use the Undo button to remove the last action or changes made.

  5. After inputting the observation for a specific activity, move on to other activities by clicking the drop-down arrows. Progress is automatically saved for each activity.

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