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How to Create an Activity Tracking Session
How to Create an Activity Tracking Session
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To create an activity tracking session:

  1. Navigate to Track on the bottom toolbar

  2. On the Track page, there are all existing goal and activity tracking sessions.

  3. To create a new Activity Tracking session, click +New Session.

4. Selecting students on the left-hand side. By default, All students is selected. To narrow down the student list, click the drop-down next to All students to select a specific class to view.
5. Select individual students by putting a checkmark next to their name. To select all students, put a checkmark next to All.

6. Once students are selected, set attributes for this Activity Tracking session.
7. Session Title is optional but it is recommended to name the sessions to easily find them later.
8. Set the date the tracking session should start by clicking the Calendar icon next to Session Title. A pop-up calendar will appear to select the date.

9. Select the user assigned to this session in the Session Observer field. If the session is being assigned to yourself, find your name in the drop-down menu or select Assign to Me.

  • Please note, if you assign the session to another member of your team, it will not appear in your list of scheduled tracking sessions.

10. Select Activities under "What student data are you tracking?"

11. Once all required fields are complete, click Continue to continue setting up the Activity Tracking session.

12. To select which activities to track for the selected students, choose a student from the left-hand side and their assigned activities will appear on the right-hand side.
13. Put a checkmark next to the activities to include in this tracking session. To track all activities for a student, click All.

14. Click Finish Setup

  • TIP: If the Finish Setup button is not blue, then at least one activity for each student has not been selected.

15. A pop-up will display asking to Save & Start Tracking Now or Save & Start Tracking Later.

  • Save & Start Tracking Later redirected users to the main Track page.

  • Save & Start Tracking Now directs users to their newly created Activity Tracking session to input notes and record activities.

View the video below to see a Activity Tracking session being created.

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