How To: Track Behavior
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CR LiftEd supports tracking the frequency and duration of behaviors. Users can track behaviors from anywhere in CR LiftEd, real-time as they occur or retroactively.

To track behavior:

  1. Click the circular person icon on the bottom right.

  2. A modal will appear allowing users to enter behaviors for their students.

  3. Change classes by clicking the drop-down arrow at the top of the modal.

  4. All students in a class will appear in alphabetical order on the right of the modal. A red dot with a number in it appears next to a student’s name when there is active behavior tracking occurring. If there is a green dot beside the student's name, there is an active behavior tracking already happening.

  5. To select a student, click their name.

  6. All of the selected student's trackable behaviors will appear in the left of the modal.

  7. Filters can be used to change the view between Behavior types. Click the Filter icon under the class name. Multiple Behavior types can be selected.

Frequency Behaviors

  1. Use the ➕ and ➖ buttons to add or remove instances of a behavior.

  2. To input notes for the behavior, click in the “Write a note....” text box.

  3. After entering a note, click Save & End Observation to stop tracking that behavior.

Duration Behaviors

  1. To start tracking a Duration Behavior, click the blue Start button. The time will then start. Pause or stop the timer once the behavior is done.

    • The timer will auto-stop any active timers running when you logout of CR LiftEd or if you have a session time out.

  2. To input notes for the behavior, click Write a note....

  3. After entering notes and stopping the timer when the behavior is done, click the Save & End Observation button to complete tracking on this behavior.

  4. Select the date and location the behavior was observed.

  5. Click the Calendar icon to select the date. Users can retroactively track behaviors by clicking the past date that the behavior was observed.

  6. Click the LOC icon to set the location.

  7. To view a historical graph of the behavior, click the Graph icon on the far right beside “Date” and “LOC.”

  8. After inputting the behavior details, click End & Save Observation.

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