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December 17, 2019 Feature Releases & Updates
December 17, 2019 Feature Releases & Updates
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The following new features and product updates have been released in LiftEd:

  • Fixed all saving and closing Behavior observation issues.

  • Added the ability to retroactively track a Behavior.

  • Added the ability to add notes on Behavior and view note history.

  • Duration timer (graphs for duration behaviors tracked coming soon!)

  • Behaviors are now ordered alphabetically.

  • Added Behavior filters.

Tracking Session Updates:

  • Users can now track Goals and Activities simultaneously for one or more students all in a single session.

  • Activity Sessions automatically save in the background in 3 minute intervals.

  • Added Activity note tracking and note history.

  • Target Mastering is now active and shows the mastered date.

  • Users can now view correct date introduced, date last tested, and date mastered per target on student profiles via the Activities tab.

  • Behavior Library upgrades.

 Activity Graphs Updates:

  • Users can now select a data point to view, edit, or delete in "Full View of Graph" (change percent score). Please note, users can currently only do this on a Target Graph.

  • Users can delete erroneous data points.

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