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I Found a Bug! What Should I do?
I Found a Bug! What Should I do?
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  1. In CR LiftEd from any page, click the circle on the left towards the bottom of the screen.

  2. Scroll down to Found a bug

3. You can view a list of current bugs or click + to add a new one. 

4. Tell us exactly what the issue is. Be specific in the title and description.

5. If possible, provide the following based on the device you are using when the bug was discovered:

  • Desktop/Laptop

  1. Operating System and version (Mac, Windows).

  2. Browser and version (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox).

  • Tablet

  1. The device (iPad Air, Galaxy Tab, etc.)

  2. Operating System and version (iOS, Android).

  3.  Browser and version (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

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