How to Create a New Class or Caseload
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To create a new class or caseload:

  1. Navigate to the Classes & Caseloads Management page.

  2. In the top right corner, click + Create and select New Class or New Caseload from the drop-down.

3. Enter a name in the required Class Name field.

4. Click Add+ next to the following attributes and select the checkbox next to each based on your school and CR LiftEd teammates. Please note, multiple attributes can be selected.

  • School

  • Grade Level(s)

  • Owner

  • Setting Type

5. To add students and staff, click the Select Students and Select Staff tabs.

  • Use the All Students drop-down to order the list by existing classes.

  • Scroll to find students or use the search box and put a checkmark next to each student that should be included.

  • Click Select All to add all students.

6. After naming the class and selecting attributes, students, and staff, click Finish.

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