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How to Navigate through Student Profiles
How to Navigate through Student Profiles
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Student Profiles contain everything about a student that has been entered into CR LiftEd. Here users can view and make changes to:

  • Goals & Goals Progress

  • Behaviors

  • Activities

  • Therapy

  • Reports

To view a student's profile:

  1. Navigate to the Manage page and select Students in the drop-down.

  2. Click a student’s name to view their profile.

    • TIP: Use filters or search to find students.

3. To change between views on the profile, click the applicable Goals, Behaviors, Activities, and Reports tabs.

4. In each view, a pane will display on the left side ("A" in the screenshot below) that includes all goals, activities, etc, for that student. Users can scroll down directly to view the full list. Select any item to view more details.

5. Once a selection is made, details related to the item in the right pane ("B" in the screenshot below). Scroll to view more.

6. When viewing details in pane B, there are several options to view specific information. Just click the applicable tab in that pane to view more.

Users can also make changes or add new goals, behaviors, or activities in the Student Profile.

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