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How to Track a Goal as a Therapy or Provider Session
How to Track a Goal as a Therapy or Provider Session
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Users can track goals as therapy or provider sessions. Please note, this section was designed for specialists that only work with students for a specific amount of time and may have different goals than the classroom teacher.

To track goals this way, put a checkmark next to Track as Therapy/Provider Session when creating or editing a Goal Tracking Session.

The following are mandatory fields:

  • Start & End Time: Time the session started and ended.

  • Therapy Type: Type of therapy provided (i.e., Speech, Mobility, Orientation).

The following are optional fields:

  • Service Type: For FBC providers only - the type of therapy service provided.

  • Location: The physical location where therapy is provided.

  • Visit Format: For FBC providers only - the visit format relates to ISFP related therapy service.

  • Service Delivery: Either direct or indirect therapy service.

Once the mandatory fields are completed, click Continue and complete the Goal Tracking Session set up.

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