How To: Create Activities
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Users can create new activities in CR LiftEd.

To create a new activity:

  1. Click Library in the bottom navigation bar and select My Library.

  2. Click +Add New and select Activity to My Library from the drop-down.

  3. Enter the required activity details:

    • Activity Name

    • Status

    • Activity Type

      • Discrete Trials

        • Please note, if this option is selected, a required “Number of Trials” field will appear.

      • Task Analysis

    • Users can hover over the question mark next to an item for an explanation.

  4. Complete the following optional fields:

    • Description

    • Prompts

      • Toggle on or off.

    • Domain Categories

    • Skills Areas

    • Grade Level

    • Academic Subject

    • Mastery Criteria

      • Toggle “On” to complete the following fields:

        • Response Correctness

        • Nmbr. of Consecutive Days

        • Minimum Nmbr. of Trials Run Per Day

        • Minimum Nmbr. of Instructors Tracking

    • Additional Teaching Instructions:

      • Baseline Assessment Procedure

      • Teaching Procedure

      • Data Collection Guidance

      • Pre-requisites

      • Errorless Teaching Procedure

      • Materials

  5. Click Next Step.

  6. Create Targets to include in the activity. Enter each target's name on a new line and click Save Targets to List.

    • The name of the targets can be edited by clicking edit. and then Save. Delete targets by clicking delete.

  7. Click Save Activity and select either Save Activity & Exit or Save Activity & Assign to Students from the drop-down.

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