How to Create Activities
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To create a new activity:

  1. Navigate to the Activity Library by clicking Library, and then My Library

  2. In the Activities section, click the +Add New... drop-down and select Activity to My Library

  3. Begin filling in the information for the new activity. Any items with a red asterisk are required. Users can create discrete trials, ration, and task analysis activities.

4. Once a type of activity is selected, the page will automatically update with required fields based on the selection.

  • TIP: Hover over any blue question marks for more information.

5. Click Next Step on the upper right-hand side

6. Create Targets to include in the activity. Enter the target's name and click Save Targets to List. The newly created target will appear in the list below.

  • The name of the Targets can be edited by clicking edit. Click Save after editing the name. Delete Targets by clicking delete.

7. Click the Save Activity drop-down and select either Save Activity to Library & Exit or Save Activity & Assign to Students.

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