The Activity Library
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The Activity Library allows users to create instructional activities for students that align with their goals and learning plans.

To access the Activity Library:

  1. Click Library on the bottom navigation bar and select District Library.

  2. Select the Activities tab.

  3. View activities that are Mine or Shared with Me:

    • Mine: includes all activities created by you.

    • Shared with Me: displays activities created by others in your school or school district.

      • Please note, the activity needs to be shared with you by the creator before you have access to it.

  4. Click the Sort icon to sort by “Date Created” or “Name.”

  5. Select Add+ to filter activities by Category, Grades, Academic Subject, or “Created By.”

  6. To access the activity management options, click the ellipses icon on an activity.

Click here to learn how to create new activity.

Click here to learn more about activity options.

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